Dear Lovely, It’s Time To Let Go

Dear Lovely,

It’s time to let go.

That thing you’ve been holding on to, that person you keep thinking of that doesn’t give you the time of day, that dream you keep trying to make happen on your own terms—these are the things you need to let go of.

The Things We Hold On To…

Are not always meant to happen right away. Maybe we give too much focus to one thing and it sets us off balance. We get disappointed when our hard work goes unnoticed or when we don’t get what we ask for right away. Maybe it’s a material thing you can’t get rid of because you’re still holding on to the memory it brings you. We yearn for it and rely on it to give us the feeling we can find somewhere else if we try. Maybe it’s the raise you want or the job you keep applying for that just turns the other cheek. You feel forgotten. You are not alone. Sometimes the best thing we can do is let go and see how it comes back to us.

The people we love, aren’t always good for us…

You have come to terms with this. Just like not everyone is your cup of tea, you are not everyone’s cup of tea either. This is okay love. You are not meant to please everyone. Don’t put that pressure on yourself. I know you’ve been trying. I know you’re still pulling your weight. It’s getting heavier and heavier, knowing they’re not there pulling theirs, so let go. Not so that they know how it feels, but so that you are not pulling more than you are receiving. Stop trying to go back and fix things. You have done your time. Stop trying to mend the relationship. When it’s meant to be in your life again, it will. Trust that they were there in your life to help you along in your journey. Give thanks and let go. At least for now. Give yourself a little bit of that love you keep giving away to others so freely.

Things Don’t Always Happen How We want them to…

Sometimes we try too hard and keep trying until things don’t work, myself included. It’s time to try something different. It’s time to let go and let The Universe complete the circle. Throw that boomerang. When it comes back to you, it will be in the way you deserve, not in the way you expect. The hard work will pay off. Your dream will eventually come true. If you’ve put in the time and the effort, believe that it will. But stop trying to put so much time and effort into it. It’s stressing you out. It’s not bringing you joy anymore. It’s okay to pause and see what happens. I’m not saying to give up. I’m telling you not to be so stubborn, so hard on yourself, when things don’t go your way. Try something else. Go about it a different way. Keep fighting for that lovely life worth living, just let go of what isn’t lovely anymore.


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