Lovely Life Lessons

what life has in store

Whether you’re reading a book, at a concert, or thinking of challenging yourself for 40 days, life tends to use these opportunities to hide lovely life lessons within every moment. Every page, every song, every city, every person–everything that we encounter is meant to teach us something.

There are moments in life where we sit there and think:

Wait, what just happened?”


Hold up, was that a sign?”

The realization

Sometimes the a-ha moment does not hit us until years, months, weeks later–but when it does, all seems crystal clear.

After all, in the end, it happened for a reason.

Answer the call.

It’s up to us to see the lesson in the moment. It’s up to us to take the lovely lessons life has in store, and use them to better ourselves. To put one foot in front of the other and continue to follow our path towards a lovely life worth living.

As I follow the moments, the books, the challenges, the the people that I encounter, I open myself up to life’s lovely lessons.

This is what I welcome you to do. That we choose to see the lovely lesson and continue to live one day at a time into this lovely journey we call life.

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Lovely Life Lessons

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