How to start feeling the healing.

You know those things you keep bottled up inside? Stored away for safe keeping because you don’t want to process, understand, or deal with any sort of emotion? Well, I hate to break it to you, but that bottle is getting full, and it’s about to do a Diet Coke and Mentos experiment on your ass.

It's time to slowly take small sips. It's time to process and understand what you're feeling...why you're feeling. It's time to water the grow and heal with the feel fertilizer.

It's time to feel the heal.

Why you need to feel, so you can heal.

For many years, I convinced myself that feelings weren't something I wanted to get my hands into again. I closed the door, built a wall, refused to take myself down that path.

I lived safe for many years. Just starting into the beautiful blue water of life that was in front of me, making every excuse not to jump in. But this past year, I decided to climb the wall and look ahead, I took the time to grow and heal. I took some risks, I took a chance and decided to feel.

You cannot heal or grow without feeling. Your soul doesn’t work that way. If we spent time trying to find closure within ourselves to understand our feelings better, I think we would all live happier and healthier lives.

A Year of Yes: Grow, Feel, Heal.

This past year, I said yes to a lot. Sometimes maybe too much, and at that point I discovered another word...Yes' best friend: No. But, more on that later. This year, I picked up old pieces I had dropped along the way and created new pieces to fit with the old. I put them together to create this beautiful person who is still growing, learning and loving, and I think that's worth something. I have a good feeling for 2017, because I think this is only the beginning.

Say yes to growing. Say yes to feeling. Say yes to healing. Just. Say. Yes. You'll figure out the details later. Grow by learning new things you like and pick up the pieces you miss most; put them together and create something lovely. Feel things: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, Disgust. Heal the wounds you've kept with you for so long, discover what root is still making them burn.