Why A Work-Life Balance Really Is Important

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More to life than work

Work-life balance is hard. I can be a workaholic. If I don’t take the time to focus on my personal goals at the start of the day, or things get so busy at work, I go days without checking in, that’s when the workaholic gene is usually activated. That’s when I’m usually not my best self.

Over the years I’ve found that my days at work are way better when I do take time to work on myself. Maybe it’s a weekend, maybe it’s making breakfast every morning or getting a workout or writing session in before getting ready for actual work. The point is, doing something for you before leaving your space to go do things for others makes a huge difference in your life.

Life outside of work

As much as it’s important to take time for yourself before going to work, it’s important to do things outside of work. Is there a passion project you’ve been interested in starting? Get off the Pinterest board and go do it. Putting your dreams into action is going to help remind you that work isn’t everything.

If you’re in a job where you feel stuck, or you feel like they need you, let me rip the bandaid by telling you this: EVERYONE (even me) is replaceable. You are a very valuable asset love, but you’re not this rare bird that must be preserved in the same environment forever and ever. You can (and probably will) eventually, be replaced.

Now I get it, some situations you just can’t leave. Well, this is my solution: if the opportunities you’re looking for do not exist in your current environment, make them. Open your own doors outside your job. Start a blog! Like movies? Review them! Want to try the freelance game? Ask around and find a client.

The world isn’t set up as a, you can only do it this way. There are so many paths. Create your own. You do have control over how you want to build the skills you’re going to need for that future you keep dreaming of. You just have to act.

Work-life balance

But how? Start small. Write down the things you want to do. This doesn’t have to be, build an empire, it could be…learn how to paint or take a dance class. There are so many free and awesome tutorials on YouTube that can get you started. There are also so many places that offer these things if you want to venture out and sign up for a class. Learning is always the first step to a new open door.

I’m not saying to stop focusing on work, I’m only suggesting the best way to feel like you have balance is to try and mix things up. Not one thing will always fulfill you. Your job is never going to be the only thing in the world that makes you happy. In fact, it shouldn’t be. You have to go out there and find other sources of light.

In other words, don’t put all your happiness eggs in one basket. Go out there and find other eggs, make an omelet. Okay, just stop with the whole egg thing. Fine. After you finish reading this, go try something from your list of things you’ve always wanted to do. Start finding that lovely life outside of work. Remember that life is more than just a paycheck. You just have to take one step into making your lovely life happen. So…why are you still here? GO DO IT.

work-life balance

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