Get Money: A Book To Help Boost Financial Freedom

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Get Money: A Book To Help Boost Financial Freedom

I’ve always been surrounded by books about money. I’ve just never read them. There comes a time where curiosity hits action and you actually want to learn. This past year has been that divine combustion. Especially when it comes to financial freedom. Get Money by Kristin Wong found me at the right time (like all books do) and helped paved the way, affirming my decision to finally take the leap and try this full-time freelance gig lifestyle.

Wong started writing about money without knowing anything about money. As a writer, she became a self-taught expert when it came to personal finance. The book covers everything from budgeting, taxes, investing, and even side hustles. If you’re not sure what point of your financial journey you are currently in, Wong has set this book up to help you recognize and affirm you. There are mini exercises and quizzes that make it fun and easy to help find your way. She even organizes the book like a video game and helps you level up through each section.

Get Money: Power Up

In this section, Wong helps you define your mission in life. Banking and budgeting are covered here, so if that’s where you need the most help, section one is where to start your journey with this book. Giving you the basics, Wong also points out that the gig economy is the future, and by 2020 more than 40% of the workforce will be contractors. (This book was written before the pandemic, so I imagine that number is now a lot higher.) Wong’s budget tips are great. Check out our basic budgeting tips here.

Get Money: Optimize

Wong dives into banks and how to find the best one for you. De-consumerization is also covered here, helping you determine if that extra pair of shoes is really worth it at the end of the month. Credit scores, a debt payoff plan, and starting the conversation around taxes are also covered here. If you already have a budget, or you’re more worried about paying off debt right now, section 2 is for you. That doesn’t mean skip section 1 though. This book builds, referencing things we learned together from previous sections. Read the book how it flows to you.

Wong also shares her personal experiences with emergency funds and freelance taxes here. I found it extremely useful. She also dedicates a section of the book on how to navigate finances within your relationships. What steps to take when you’re trying to live together and even combine finances. Something else I found here that might be helpful to some. Level 10 talks about getting rid of your fear of taxes. Something we should of all learned about in school. It’s a great breakdown and can be used for reference later. She even covers how taxes work for freelancers.

Get Money: Grow

This section is all about investing. Taking a look at the money you have now and seeing how it can make you more money in your sleep. Wong makes it simple to understand and takes the stigma away from investing being something only rich people do. I will say, Wong only covers the high-level basics here, so if you’re looking for books that dive deeper into what index funds or how to diversify your portfolio, this is not the book for you. You’ve leveled up and there’s another book out there that covers the details. Wong does give examples of which investment firms she recommends though.

Wong also covers retirement accounts and side hustles here. How you can make your money grow for the future and how you can add some extra cash flow on the side. If you’re looking for negotiation help, whether that be rate or salary, Wong covers that too. Whatever stage of your financial journey you find yourself in, this book will help you level up. Finding a lovely life is about learning tips and growing. You don’t need to have all the answers. That’s why books exist.

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