Our first sibling trip to Harry Potter World.

September 5, 2017


Grab your cup of tea and head to Hogwarts with us!

The Golden Year Birthday

When my little sister was about to turn 12, my brother told her that on her “Golden Birthday” we would take her to Harry Potter World. 

What’s a “golden birthday” you ask? No, it’s not when you turn 50. Trust me. Well, apparently you’ll have to trust my brother. You see, like many things, my brother made “golden birthday” a thing by telling my sister that when you turn the age of the day you were born, a golden celebration must take place. Hence the promise of a trip to Harry Potter World, but what my poor brother had forgotten, was that we were already booked, paid, and ready to go to Italy the year my sister would’ve had her Golden Birthday. So, instead of Italy, we took our sister to…gotcha! Girl please, Harry Potter could wait. 

So instead of taking her to Harry Potter World then, we finally got around to it a year later. I know, we’re horrible siblings! 

Off to Platform 9 3/4

The trip was exciting. My brother and I had gone once before and I was blown away by it the first time. I’m not going to lie, the first time is always better because you don’t know what to expect. And this time around, I just wanted to witness my sister’s face when she entered Diagon Alley.

It was a quick weekend trip and I’m so glad we went (again).

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