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3 Reasons Why You Need A Staycation

Why You Need A Staycation

I know you’re dying to get on a plane and leave your troubles behind. I am too. I’m ready. The world may be ready for you to get on that plane and book the trip but I still say let’s wait a bit. If the only vacation you’ve ever done involved a plane and a passport (let’s face it, a lot of mine have too) I want to challenge you to try a staycation.

Maybe you’ve been stuck working from home and want to getaway. Fair. Do that too, maybe later. Right now, I want to talk about the importance of rest and how that can mean staying home while on vacation. Here’s why I think you need a staycation.

1) Home should be a place to rest

Staying home shouldn’t be daunting. If you don’t like staying home, maybe it’s time to make your home hygge friendly. There might be too much clutter in your space, making you want to leave it. Might I suggest a staycation dedicated to making your space give you a sense of peace rather than stress? Decluttering and even organizing your space can bring balance to your life. If you take time to clean and make room for less chaos, you’ll re-think relaxing at home and might actually want to stay home.

2) Travel vs Vacation vs Staycation

I think we like to get away for the wrong reasons. I read somewhere that there is a difference between travel and vacation. I couldn’t agree more. To travel means to be exhausted. You should be tired from a long day of getting lost and learning new things about the culture and people you’re visiting. Traveling isn’t relaxing. It’s more like exploring. A vacation, on the other hand, that’s more along the lines of doing absolutely nothing. A concept I have yet to master.

Staying home to rest IS OKAY. Let me repeat that: Staying home to rest is okay. (I didn’t yell that time.) I know right now there’s been a lot of multipurpose use for our homes. It’s a school, an office, a restaurant. It’s a lot. Staying home to remind yourself that home is a sacred space is a good thing. Resetting the functionality of your home space (hopefully, it’s to unwind; hopefully, it’s a safe space) can reset the tension you have built up due to work stress or uncontrolled change.

3) Staycations save money

If you’re itching to travel and you can’t afford to go anywhere right now, a staycation is a great option. Take the week off work and explore the city you live in. Try an experience from a local meet up or an Airbnb Experience, pretend to be a tourist in your hometown. Explore and find new places you can escape to on the daily. Staycations don’t have to be inside your home all the time. You can pretend your house is a free hotel or you can even splurge and stay at a fancy hotel in town. Why not explore that rooftop pool? Plus, you can go home to feed the dog when you need to, making everyone happy and healthy.

Plan time, make time

If you’ve loaded up the calendar with trips around the world, more power to you. I’m still flying around the world, ready to collect passport stamps when this pandemic is finally over. But, if there’s anything I’ve learned while in quarantine, it’s how important our home space is. How much we need to find balance at home and make time for ourselves. Relaxing is important. Rest is important. Staying home, also very important. A staycation should be fun and affordable. Make it something unique and enjoyable. While you’re enjoying your time off, make sure to send me a picture of your very own Isla de Patio.

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