3 YA Summer Books You’ll Love

3 ya summer reads

3 YA Summer Books You’ll Love

If you had to choose between a family wedding, a trip to Italy to visit your dad or a road trip with your best friend to California this summer, which one would you choose? Here are three contemporary YA (young adult) novels I would recommend to read in the summer that I know you’ll love.

Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch


I love this book so much. Jenna Evans Welch has a way of capturing your heart in the most fun and lightest way. Lina’s mother has passed away and as her dying wish, she wanted her daughter to get to know her father. While summer in Tuscany might seem nice, Lina is dreading going. When she gets there, she finds her mother’s diary and relives the days she spent in Florence when she was her age. Through words, the two bond. Lina has her own Italian summer and meets a boy (or two) who seem to help make her realize that grief can be both lovely and sweet.

love & gelato

Save The Date by Morgan Matson


This book is like a movie. If you’ve ever been in charge of a wedding this might be a trigger for you. When the youngest of five helps pull off a wedding for her big sister in their family home and everything goes wrong, you can’t help but laugh. This novel takes place in a weekend and is separated into three parts: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. It’s a great weekend read if you’ve been to one-too-many weddings this season.

save the date book

Kissing in America by Margo Rabb


I picked this up randomly at the library one day, loved it so much I bought it. This is a YA contemporary novel about love and grief. After her father dies, Eva finds comfort in romance novels until she meets Will–who seems to be the only person who gets what she’s going through. But Will is headed to California so Eva and her best friend Annie plan a road trip out West. If you’re going through a tough time this summer or feeling like you need some healing, read this book.

kissing in america book
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