You know how I love a 40-day challenge. Well, after discovering that one of my favorite mentors wrote a book dealing with a 40-day challenge, I jumped on that and submitted to a miracle mindset.

Gabby Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness really worked. Miracles happened. I became a miracle worker. Overall, I was able to recognize negative energy a lot quicker and learned to acknowledge moments I was leading with fear instead of love.

Because I was initially scared to write a post about this book, The Universe said well then that’s exactly why you should do it. Hence the 40-day challenge, am I right? We are always living in fear. The point of this challenge was to welcome in more love. Here are the highlights of my 40-day journey. I added my favorite affirmations from the book below. Say them out loud to yourself as you read.

DISCLAIMER: I have to admit, it took me more than 40 days to complete this. Why? Well, let’s just say I had A LOT more healing to do than I thought I did. Time is relative, right?


I am willing to see things differently.

This first week, I looked at the list of things I always wanted to do with fear. Things that had been there for a while, but I didn’t feel I was confident enough yet. I was confusing insecurity with fear. Often times, I let my worries get the best of me. These fears prevent me from living a lovely life.

I was scared to take a video dance class with a bunch of strangers. I made a new friend and I now dance regularly. Unafraid. I was scared to book my first writing trip alone. I did it and got to go back to New York a second time to continue my writing research. I said yes and made way for miracles.


I am grateful for who I am.

Turns out I was having issues with trust. I did a yoga practice during this week that subconsciously introducing me to my root chakra. You can say after that, something clicked. I welcomed the healing of things I thought I already had healed. Turns out, I had just been suppressing them. It was time to face them. To heal them. For real this time.

During this week, I had to answer some questions. How had I been unkind to myself? How had I been playing it small? What was the story I had created about myself? How had I abused myself with my thoughts? This took some serious internal reflection. Turns out, I had been unkind. I had been playing it small. I had abused myself with my thoughts and created a story that was safe. I wasn’t speaking my truth. At least not out loud. Fear was still holding me back.


My body’s true purpose is love.

This is the week I took a break. A long one. I was listening to and also reading this book. I couldn’t relate to a lot of the body image examples Bernstein was using. I loved my body. Well…I thought I did. Turns out I was really angry with it. I hadn’t forgiven it for betraying me so many years ago. When I was fifteen, I was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes. That betrayal was really affecting my growth.

I hadn’t realized how much I resented my body for failing me. It took me a while to jump back into this chapter. I had to work within myself for a bit before I moved on to the next week. There was more healing to do. Now, my body and I have had many talks. We’re repairing our relationship. I’m starting to trust it again.


I am grateful for the lessons these relationships bring.

I’m still working on this. Bernstein’s book kinda jump-started it. Along the 40-day journey, I looked back at the relationships in my life. Which ones were serving me? Which ones were inspiring love? Which ones were attached to fear and negative energy? I cleaned house a bit. Both in who I followed and who I was letting into my life.

I also realized that the relationship I had been manifesting was one I couldn’t achieve without manifesting the person I wanted to be my partner first. I took a step back and was more specific this time around. Miracles happened.


I will focus on what I do have rather than what I lack.

I’ve always had fear around money. Do I have enough? Will I have enough? Am I spending too much? Should I be saving more? When I hear the word money, that’s usually the line of questioning that pops in my head. I definitely have an ingrown fear of finances.

This book helped me practice feeling safe. I opened up myself to gratitude, for the things I already had. I slowly started letting go of my fears. The Universe even sent me a sign, she let me know that all my hard work would pay off. That I didn’t have to worry about money. Now if that’s not a miracle, I don’t know what is.


What am I choosing to bring to the world?

I finished reading this book (unironically) on my way back from New York. On the plane, I witnessed a miracle. There was no wifi, no tv, and let’s just say I took the flight to say thank you to The Universe. I thought about all the growth I had done thanks to this book and how I could apply that growth in my life today.

If you’re looking for a field guide into inner peace, read this book. If you are ready to heal some of the fears you have bottled up, read this book. Miracles are possible. They live within us and around us every day. We just have to choose to surrender and find that lovely life worth living.

40 days of miracles

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