Dear Lovely, Learn To Say No

Dear Lovely, Learn to say no

Learn to say no. To set boundaries. To put yourself first. To protect your growth. To protect your peace. To welcome bigger and better things.

For some of us, saying no is easy. Some of us say no too often and often for the wrong reasons. I’m not suggesting you say no to things that abandon working on yourself, your responsibilities, the promises you made that are now too hard to keep. I’m suggesting you learn to say no like you have to learn to listen and not just hear.

Set boundaries .

What are things within your current situation that you can start saying no to? This could mean standing up for yourself, taking breaks, cutting down on drinking or anything that doesn’t make you feel your best. When we set boundaries, we help ourselves. We start to put ourselves first.

Protect yourself.

Look at all the growth you’ve done. I know you don’t want to start over. Say no to things that threaten that growth. Are you falling back on old habits? Crawling back to people you know hold you back? Start saying no to things that aren’t serving you anymore. Protect yourself. Protect the peace you’ve cultivated. Protect the growth you’ve worked so hard on.

Welcome better things.

Sometimes we need to learn to say no so we can welcome more blessings into our lives. We need to learn to let go and let God. We need to trust that what we want may only scratch the surface. When you learn to say no to things that aren’t making you better, we open the gate to a whole lot of yes.

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