A Weekend in Guadalajara

A Weekend in Guadalajara

Trips to Mexico have always been to visit family. While this trip was also family-related, I got to explore a new city and spent a weekend in Guadalajara. Here’s what we did, where we ate and where we went.


Our flight got in late on Friday and we met my parents for some tacos across the street from our hotel. If you’re arriving late to Mexico, I would advise you not to be alone, I was with my parents and the taco spot was literally across the street from our hotel (you could see it from my balcony). My dad got a lot of tacos. We had to remind him it was his first night. I got a quesadilla and it was delicious. I also got an agua fresca de jamaica. It reminded me of my childhood.

tacos in guadalajara


We ate breakfast at the hotel every morning and it felt like eating in someone’s home. The food was fresh, there was even pan dulce. My brother fell in love in Guadalajara.

pan dulce

My family and I stayed at Hotel Morales and I highly recommend it. The hotel is beautiful. Located in the historic center of Guadalajara, this hotel was once somebody’s house. Transformed into a luxury hotel at the end of the 19th century, you feel like you’re in a novela. The rooms are all along the walls of giant courtyards. We were there during the Christmas season so the lobby was decorated.


Our balcony was a great spot for a photoshoot. Not all the rooms have a balcony, so we got the royal treatment for sure. Also how amazing is Portrait mode on the iPhone?


Exploring Guadalajara

We walked around and crossed off a few places to see on my list. Most of the day we spent taking photos and just spent time sight-seeing.


Guadalajara is a historical city. We explored downtown for a few hours and went inside the Guadalajara Cathedral and the Teatro Degollado. We even found Carmen Sandiego. The one thing on my list we didn’t get to see was the Hospicio Cabañas UNESCO site.


Everyone in Guadalajara was very friendly. The locals tell you where to go and where to avoid. There are lots of groups offering tours around the plazas if you’re interested in that. There are a few murals and sculptures around the city that bring it to life as well.



Recommended by my dad’s Uber driver and also online, my parents and I ate at La Chata while my cousins and siblings went for some aguas frescas before getting ready for the wedding. If there’s a line at La Chata when you go, wait it out. It’s worth it and the line moves fast. The food is delicious. My mom got some mole enchiladas and I got some chiles en nogados with some horchata to drink of course.


The Wedding

The reason we were in Guadalajara was for my cousin’s wedding. Out of the now 19 of us first-cousins, my cousin, Caro was the first to get married. She was a stunning bride and the party was epic.


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