2019: New Year, New Decade

New Year, New Decade

After reminiscing over the end of a decade, I made a list of everything I had accomplished. It made me feel worthy and reassured me that life was just beginning—I had plenty of time. You do too.

Every year I reflect on the growth I’ve done. This year was a little different. The internet trended with decade memes and lists and I couldn’t help but think back and make one myself. A list that is.

Over the last decade, I…

Graduated high school.
Started college.
Graduated college.
Got a full-time job offer during college.
Got a new, better job.
Lived with strangers.
Lived on my own.
Got a passport.
Bought my first car.
Got a dog.
Got a promotion and my first office.
Started a blog.
Started writing a book.
Took cello lessons.
Learned how to love myself.
Started yoga.
Found God (again).
Took a ballet class.
Took a solo trip.
Accepted my autoimmune disease.
Started to have a healthy relationship with my body.
Became a brand ambassador.

End of an era, the beginning of the future.

These last ten years I have chosen myself. I realized I have had the longest relationship in my life…with me. The last three years have been a serious commitment. The seven before I was dating and unaware of the love I had for myself. Who I was and what I was capable of. Now I know her and I can hear her whispering I love you. I can hear my heart and I can’t wait to share it with someone new.

All the things I endured made me a stronger person. It made me realize that I was where I am supposed to be. I opened myself to new challenges, mistakes, and opportunities. Allowing myself to feel, to heal, to grow. I focused on building the life I wanted and took the time to set up the career I wanted for myself. I got promoted, asked for a raise, moved out on my own. This decade was all about me, even when I didn’t feel the love I feel for myself now.

Welcome to the start of something new.

The beautiful thing about growth is realizing you helped yourself get there. Lovely, you’ve been cheering yourself on for so long, even when you don’t realize it. The great thing about a year is the time for reflection. At the start of a new calendar, we make lists and goals to reach in the coming year. We have months where we do 30-day challenges (or in my case 40-day challenges) and days where we just need a break from social and the constant news feed. Whatever timeline your goals are, remember that every day is a new opportunity.

Remember, you have a new year, but you also have a new decade. Give yourself time to grow. I can’t wait to see your journey.

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