Let’s find that lovely life.

Find A Lovely life is a lifestyle blog focusing on travel, books, and life advice. It’s a lovely place to warm your heart and make you laugh.

We are all searching for the life we want to live. A life where we grow and learn, chase our dreams, love, passions—whatever our hearts yearn for us to find. And to discover that lovely life, we have to find the things, life lessons, and places that help us get there.

That’s what this space is for.

It’s a lovely place to read about life lessons that can help heal you and inspire you. A lovely place where you can stop by to find your next book or your next trip. It’s a place to make you feel less alone. A place to help you love yourself a little bit more. And above all, a space where you can start finding your lovely life too.

But, What is lovely?

The definition of the word lovely falls in line with the meaning of the life you’re searching for.

We all want a beautiful life. I believe we all have a charming beauty that appeals to the heart and the mind. We just have to find it.

We want that spiritual connection that makes us feel safe and secure. That we are on the right path. That’s what this place is for, to help you find what you’ve been searching for.

So what about loveleemonicaa?

You’ll always find me laughing and my smile can light up a room.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to paint a perfect picture. I am not perfect by any means. I cry, I’m stubborn, impatient, I worry and overthink things, and sometimes I get mad at God—I’m human.

By no means have I mastered the four definitions of the word lovely. It’s a work in progress. It’s finding the lovely life, not mastering it that makes us all human.

But, I wanted to take those positive things about myself and work on the things that I’ve always struggled with so that I can hopefully help you too. Whatever you’re going through, let me be the first to tell you—You are not alone.

So, please laugh at my funny experiments, unique interests, and life experiences. I’ll be laughing right there with you. I just hope that the Lovely Life Lessons I get out of them will also help you along the way.

At the end of the day, we are all just trying to find a lovely life. Let’s find one together.

How do I start finding a lovely life?

There are four lovely pillars on this site that might point you in the right direction.


We all want a lovely life and we all gotta work. Here you’ll find inspiration, motivation, career and financial advice, some how-tos, and my years in review.


Let’s learn how to talk to ourselves as a friend. I like to challenge myself, so you’ll find 40-day journeys into new habits I want to form or internal healing I try and do. You’ll also find some lovely letters here. I write to you every month, so be sure to come back and check the mail. 


If you wanna getaway, start finding a lovely life through what I eat and where I go. Travel is a big part of my life. Join me on my adventures that help you plan some of your own.


Let’s find a lovely book together. Maybe you’re looking to get back into reading or you’re trying to find a book recommendation. I got you covered. You can find a lovely life with words on a page. Let me share my writing process journey with you and see if it sparks something to help keep the word count going. 

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  1. I totally agree! I love what you’re saying!

  2. I totally agree! I love what you’re saying!

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