Visit The Amazing Central Austin Public Library

If you’re looking for something free to do, head to your local library.

For me, the Austin Public Library is where I go to find my next read, write the next chapter for my book or take a free workshop class on screenwriting.

Get a library card!

I remember getting my first library card the day the live-action Beauty & The Beast movie came out. I figured it was the perfect day to pay tribute to my life long friend Belle and to be honest, what would Hermione do to celebrate a remake of your childhood favorite?

The first time I went I checked out more books than I could chew and found myself falling in love with reading all over again. You can read physical books, download ebooks on your Kindle with a click of a button and listen to your favorites on the way to work via audiobook. All for free.

The New Central Austin Public Library

About a year ago, the New Central Library in Austin opened and was named one of the world’s greatest places of 2018 by Time Magazine. Not only does this place have an incredible layout and 6 floors filled with books it also has a cafe with mazing food.

Library Love

While the closest library to me is not the new Central Library, I make an effort to go at least once a month to get out and work on some stuff. Whether it be this blog or my book I’ve been working on. The library is a great place to relax and find your next project and some inspiration. Find your closest library and go out and find a lovely book to share with a friend.

And if you’re looking for a great place to hang out, meet a friend at the Harry Potter section. It’s a great place to pick a book and read one together. A lot of my closest friends live in different cities. Picking a book to read together and calling each other to talk about it is a great way to stay in touch.

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