Self-love isn’t lonely.

Self-love isn’t lonely.

It’s about finding the abundance of love inside you.

At times the process may seem lonely, but that’s only if you choose to isolate that feeling. There are parts of self-love that should be done alone, like taking a bath or meditating. But that doesn’t mean that the practice of self-love should be isolating and in your room.

We all need that quiet time. A moment to recharge and a time to do our favorite things. Sometimes we come home from a long day at work or school and we don’t want to talk to anyone. We need that time for ourselves. In order to put your best foot forward and give the love and attention to those you love, you must first give that love and attention to yourself.

Challenge your self-care

While a bubble bath or a night in bingeing your favorite show might be great practices of self-love and care, I want to challenge you to take your self-care up a notch and take yourself out.

Go to a movie alone, go out to dinner. Go to a show or a concert, make it an experience. This practice of self-love is another level and it can be done. You might feel awkward or even lonely, I guarantee you it’s all in your head.

You may have mastered the home self-love routine and that is great. Truly, I’m so proud of you. But I think it’s time to continue that self-love journey and do something outside of your self-love bubble.

What’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to go? What’s a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try? Are you waiting to meet someone to go see that band you love? Don’t! Go see them yourself. You might even meet a new friend who is doing the same.

When you treat yourself to things you love, your self-love will grow exponentially. Just try it. One date. It’s not lonely or embarrassing. It’s love. And that’s an amazing thing. Especially when it’s being given and received by the most lovely person in the world—you.

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