Dear Lovely: You Are Loved.

February 11, 2019

Dear Lovely,

You. Are. Loved.

Not only by a love that will come. Not only by the love you can’t seem to believe, but the love within you and all around you.

You are loved by a simple morning. You are loved by a smile. You are loved by action and you are loved by word.

I know this week might be hard for you. Surrounded by expectations and thoughts about how you see yourself being loved.

Instead of ignoring it this time, I want you to communicate it. Show it. Don’t silence your needs for the sake of embarrassment. Your truth will set a domino effect out into the world. You’ll inspire someone else to show their love. You’ll fill others with it and in turn, fill yourself up.

Don’t get discouraged. Believe me when I say the love you’re searching for will come. That love may be a person, it may even be a place. It may come from the one you love or the one you’re waiting for. But instead of waiting for that love, go out and grab it for yourself. Be the love you seek. How you love yourself today, will show the world how they should love you.

So my dear, if you want flowers, go buy flowers. If you want chocolate, wait until the day after and buy it half off. We live in a world where we are expected to show love in grand gestures for a single day as if love were a box to just check off and be done with. The world moves on to the next thing a few hours later, but you and I both know that love is forever. Love takes time. Love is patient. Love is always. Love is a choice. Love is yours to give and yours to receive.

Remember that the love you have inside is waiting to burst out and show you everything you’ve been waiting for. Because with the love inside you my dear, every day is worth celebrating.

With love,

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Founder and creator of Find A Lovely Life. An old soul with the heart of a child, trying to remind everyone how lovely they are. On any given day, she probably has her nose stuck in a book or she's laughing at her own joke. Her patronus is a dolphin and her dog is named Jude.

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