Dear Lovely, Change is a good thing.

Dear Lovely,

Change is a good thing. It’s what keeps you moving. It’s the thing you dread, but in the end it’s worth it. You might be experiencing some form of change right now. Maybe it’s a routine that you changed out of your control, maybe it’s a new job, maybe someone you live with is going through a change and it’s starting to affect you. Maybe it’s the only thing that’s propelling you forward. 

You might feel uncomfortable. This is normal. Change is uncomfortable. You’re supposed to feel off before you figure out your new balance. You might feel awkward. My dear, you’re just blossoming. The space you are taking up is adapting to the new you. Give yourself time to catch up to it. Don’t be so hard on yourself. The process is progress.

Perhaps you’re looking for a change. That’s a great thing love. Not sure how to make that happen? Let’s just start small. Do something new, just one thing. You don’t need to completely change every part of yourself or your life just to make a small change. Change one thing to mix it up a bit. Try a new commute, learn a new language, eat somewhere different, choose one thing in your day and slowly welcome the shift. It’s the little things that make the most difference.

Sometimes change comes when we aren’t ready. This is only to help you love. The Universe is not out to get you, it’s out to heal you and bring you back into your purpose. Sometimes we just need a little push. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed by change, take a deep breath and listen to your breath. Find your center. Count to ten. I guarantee the world isn’t over, it just sped up a little too fast and all at once. So give it a breath, and let yourself come back. Find grace in the change and look forward to new beginnings.

With love,

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