Dear Lovely, Speak Up

June 18, 2020

dear lovely, speak up

Dear Lovely, Speak Up

Are you overwhelmed?

Or is the fire in your belly about to erupt? If you’re feeling uncomfortable, good. That means you feel a change.

Some of us have been living in a world where we choose to turn a blind eye. We don’t speak up when we feel it’s not our problem. It is. Your voice matters. You can be an ally to justice. To change. For equality.

Say Something.

If you see something at work that doesn’t sit right with you, speak up. Say something. Times haven’t changed love, you have just awakened. Good morning. Welcome. We are glad you’re here.

If a family member says something racist at dinner or while watching the news, speak up. You can educate. You can inspire. You don’t have to argue. Encourage them to read. To have a discussion with someone outside their own race, the color of their skin. Speak up to enlighten. It is not your responsibility to change them. They must awaken themselves. That doesn’t mean you can’t spark the change. Speak up.

If you believe in something, speak up. Especially when it comes to your rights and what who you are. Do not let anyone define you. Stop letting people correct you when you define yourself. If they choose not to listen, that is on them. You cannot change them. Be confident in who you are. Keep going. Keep moving. Move on if you have to. You are the only one who can define you.

Keep going.

Keep speaking up. Don’t be afraid. We can’t stop here. We hear you. We love you. We need you. You are awakened now remember? Inspire someone else’s flame. Even when the hashtags stop, speak up. The world needs your voice. Always.

With love,

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