Dear Lovely: It’s your turn to rise.

My love,

You have been here many times before. Do not let one ounce of what if or a teaspoon of what do they really think cloud your liquid luck. Let the confidence you earned and worked hard for, illuminate you. You deserve this. You have earned this.

You did not broadcast your blood, sweat or tears. You hustled. You paid back what you sowed. You kept believing. You kept the hope. You had the eye on your prize. You did not take anything that was not meant to be yours. You let the universe give you what it knew you could handle. You held your head up. You kept going.

You have waited. Patiently. In waiting, you kept working. You did not sit around and let things happen. You made them happen. You went after what you wanted. You played your part. You crossed your finish line.

Your victory was blissful. Although, you felt as if you could have a bit more. You didn’t want it to end because you weren’t sure what would come next. So you held on to it. You’re still holding on to it. My love, let it go. This was only the beginning. You have joined the ride. One victory is not enough in your life. There will be many more. But you cannot continue on the journey if you do not let go. Acknowledge the victory. Do not get stuck in it. Be careful. It can feel quite comfortable. Comfort is not what we are looking for my love. Not yet.

But what now? You keep going. You know what you need to do. Just do it. Do it because you want to. Do it because it drives you. Do not make the mistake of doing it for the sake of another victory. That’s the job of the universe. Do it because you were meant to.

Let this letter remind you that this is not the end. Let this help you rise to the next opportunity, ready to open the next door. You have the tools. Use the sunlight to reawaken you for what’s to come.

For it is your turn lovely—it’s your turn to rise. Like Batman? Yes. Like Batman.

With love,

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