Disney World with Siblings

I went to Disney World with my siblings!

This was our second sibling trip. It’s starting to become one of my favorite traditions.

We visited Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom…all in one day. Three parks in one day? What the hell were we thinking? While exhaustion hit us on day one, we didn’t stop. There’s something about being the most magical place on earth…and that something is EXHAUSTION. Being tired should be part of their selling point.


This was the biggest thing I learned from this trip. I’m a big planner. If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s to not plan too much. There’s a delicate balance between having a plan and leaving things up to chance. Because chances are, you’re going to get hungry and the one place you offered your 14-year-old sister for dinner that didn’t serve pizza so you walked ten minutes to the pizza place on the map and it turns out it was closed so you walk back to the other place and it’s closed…shit.

Shit. Will. Happen. You will also get hangry. Siblings that are hangry are not happy.

So have a plan but expect closures. Speaking of closures, sometimes two of the three mountains in Magic Kingdom will be closed at the same time and you’ll have so many choose anything FastPasses that you’ll tell the monorail guy, no thanks when he offers you another FastPass when the monorail breaks down. Shit. Happens.

The best thing you can do is listen to The Universe when things start closing down, order yourself a Lyft and go take a two-hour nap at the hotel before Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, which is TOTALLY worth it.

Moral of the story—have a plan, but be prepared for the day to derail you into something better. A nap is better too. 

You don’t have to post everything.

I’ve been learning this over and over again when I’m traveling. Although it’s hard to not post things in Disney World, sometimes it’s better that you enjoy the moment. Someone should make an app about being present and you earn presents for every minute you spend off your phone. You heard it here first so it’s out there in The Universe now.

Seriously though, you have more memories and likes in your head between the people you spend your time with. So put the phone away in the designated backpack and enjoy yourself.

Have you ever traveled with your siblings?

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