No Struggle is Stupid.

Whatever you’re going through right now, let me be the first to tell you that…

It’s not silly. It’s not stupid. It matters.

No struggle is stupid.

Everyone is going through something. Big or small. Belittling your struggle because you think it’s not big enough or you don’t think that it matters is hurting yourself and those around you. You’re telling them that you don’t matter. You’re saying that they don’t matter. You’re creating a block between you and The Universe surrounding you.

What you’re going through right now is important for your growth. You’ve been wrestling with it for quite some time and just when you thought you had conquered it, it’s back for more. You’re frustrated. You’re angry. It’s okay.

You just need to acknowledge it and talk to it as if it were a friend instead of letting it consume you. The pain wants to be mended.

What if I told you that you weren’t the only one? That in your hour of need someone else was also calling for help, someone else needed the same healing. Your pain might feel bigger. You might feel guilty because you think it’s smaller. But your pain is your own pathway to healing, and an example to someone else who also seeks how to be healed.

What you’re going through is not something that should be compared though. We should just be willing to help each other get through it together.

We walk around holding back a lot of things.

Some things we are not ready to share with the world and that is okay. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t share it with ourselves. That we shouldn’t take the time to acknowledge the pain or struggle and little by little, start to forgive.

We need to take the time to heal ourselves. We need to ask…

Where is this coming from? Can we confront it? Are we afraid to?  Can we do this alone? Do we need help? Yes.

No one should ever have to do anything alone. We were not put into this world to be alone.

If you have a friend, reach out. Don’t know who? Close your eyes and ask The Universe to guide you. It’s been waiting for you to ask.

If the friend you reached out to dismisses your struggle, do not lose faith in The Universe. Ask again. It was guiding you anyway. The path won’t always be an easy one. It’s probably trying to show you something. There is always more answer to the one question we ask.

Whatever you’re going through, I’m right there with you. You are not alone.


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