Dear Lovely, Don’t Hold Back.

Dear Lovely,

You don’t have to keep doing something because you feel this is your only chance. You don’t have to feel that if you don’t keep at it, you’re never going to get another door to open.

Let me reassure you love, whatever is meant to be will be. There are so many other doors waiting. These doors, they’re not even closed. They’re just waiting for you to walk right in.

Sometimes things come into our lives to teach us something. Often times, it’s not the lesson we expect. It’s not even what we are looking for. But that’s life right? And in the end, we learn and we grow.

Sometimes we get hung up on something. We agree to do things because we feel it’s the right thing. At the time, it just might be.

You don’t have to let it linger. You don’t have to keep going just to finish the race. Let me let you in on a little secret—there is no race. There’s just progress. And you’re on your way to the next chapter.

You can say no when you need to. Even if you’re not finished. You know your limits, you’ve done enough. You’re not quitting love, you’re moving on.

How will you know it’s time? Ask yourself. Stop asking everyone else.

So be brave, speak up. Tell whoever you need to that you need a change, a break. A shift in reverse? Perhaps. And that is totally okay. Take a step back. Start over. Start again. Keep trying.

And above everything else, be honest. Tell the truth. Don’t worry about taking the time to make up a lie, let the truth set you free. We waste so much time worrying about what people will say if we speak our truth and not enough time asking ourselves what makes us truly happy.

So don’t hold back, love. Let it out. Take a breath. You got this.


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