Exploring Florence and Tuscany

winery in tuscany

Exploring Florence and Tuscany

One of my favorite destinations is…Italy. Specifically, Tuscany. There’s a certain magic that comes alive when you arrive in Tuscany. My brother will kill me for saying this, but it’s like the paintings in Olive Garden came to life, just better. My brother will deny ever eating in an Olive Garden but we grew up going there as kids.

Anyway, Florence was great but I fell in love with Tuscany. The vineyards, the small medieval towns, the gelato, everything was better in Tuscany. Even the views.


Before heading out to Tuscany, my brother and I stayed in Florence and explored the city. He’s a big fan of Assasin’s Creed so we made sure to get a few good shots and pay our respects to Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

We ate our way through Florence with pizza and gelato. The pizza in Florence is a little different than the pizza in Rome or the pizza in Italy. While I preferred the pizza in Venice and Rome, I still enjoyed the slice for lunch. We walked around to explore the famous bridge and even stumbled into the Galileo Museum.

The most iconic thing you can visit in Florence is the Duomo. Also known as Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore. You can climb up to the top of the Duomo but there are only stairs. It’s 463 steps up and 463 steps down. There’s no elevator. My brother and I opted-out and thought that may have been our only regret in Florence.


We decided to opt-in for an excursion on our tour and ventured out into Tuscany towards a medieval town called San Gimignano. It was my favorite part of Italy (well, close to Venice). We ate gelato while admiring handsome Italian men, took a cappuccino and cookie break, and walked around the cobble-stoned streets while filming scenes for our Hey Now video. What? You haven’t seen our video homage to The Lizzie McGuire Movie? What are you still doing on this post? Go watch it.

After strolling through San Gimignano, we were off to a family vineyard for a wine tasting. It was everything you’re imagining. In Italy, there are no preservatives in wine, meaning that it is impossible for you to have a hangover after you drink. I’ve never been drunk but this was the closest thing to tipsy. We had A LOT of fun.

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