Home is the Houston Museum of Natural Science

HMNS means home.

Do you have a place that comes to mind that means home?

For me, it’s the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

We’ve been going to the museum since I was a little kid. My favorite thing to do then was to make scavenger hunts and split into teams to try and find everything. Before our trip, I would look online to see new exhibits and find nuggets of information for that trip’s scavenger hunt.

The winning team bought the ice cream. This was for fun and it was a blast.  I know, I was cool. May I remind you I did this for fun. Yes. Fun. I may still have one on hand if anyone is interested.

The Exhibits.

We used to be members of the museum and it was so easy to just walk in and feel like a VIP. The permanent exhibits are free and you get discounts on parking (trust me that’s important) and also new exhibits. My parents did not renew in time for our visit but were still able to get a good deal and see what we wanted to. Thanks mom and dad.

We always see the special exhibition that’s there when we visit. One of my favorite ones was an exhibit about the Titanic a few years back. I still have my ticket and use it as a bookmark.

Our usual game plan includes Russian accents at The McFerrin Fabergé Collection, walking by the Herzstein Foucault Pendulum right after the clock strikes down a pin, and of course getting a special tour of the Morian Hall of Paleontology by our personal tour guide (my brother). 

Sorry folks, he’s only available on February 31st. 

The Morian Hall of Paleontology

“This is one of the best exhibits I’ve ever seen.” I literally overheard this while walking through this exhibit. It makes me proud. It’s like someone complementing your house and your new renovations.

This exhibit is a timeline and my brother takes us through his textbook. My sister and I nod and take pictures. We stop at our favorite dinosaurs, and my brother takes it all in and says, “I want to get married here.”

The Morian Hall of Paleontology is a permanent right of passage and you have to go there. Save it for last if you choose to eat dessert in order, or head there right away if you’re a rebel.

The Cockrell Butterfly Center

We always visit the Cockrell Butterfly Center when we visit the HMNS. It’s a right of passage. You’re transported to a serene ecosystem and before then you even get to learn a few things about the butterflies inside. If you’re lucky, you’ll see one leave its cocoon. After learning how butterflies see you and where they live, head out to the actual exhibit.

It’s a game for us to see who gets the butterfly to land on them. This year, it was my sister Jessi’s turn. She’s going to have really good luck this year. The butterfly thought she was a snack and says she could feel the tongue.

Scientific Date Idea.

The museum is also a great place for a date. I saw lots of couples there strolling the halls hand in hand. You don’t even have to do everything together. I even saw an old couple split up right outside the Rocks and Minerals. Mollusks were more his thing, Rocks and Minerals were more hers. There’s something for everyone. Met up later at your favorite spot and head over to take a walk around after.

So if you’re in Houston, or planning a visit, be sure to add this to your itinerary.

In fact, here’s a free scavenger hunt for you to download and explore the museum while having a little fun just like we do. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE SCAVENGER HUNT HERE.

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  1. I’d love a copy of your scavenger hunt

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