Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

mickey's not so scary halloween party

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

If you’ve never heard of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, don’t worry I hadn’t either until I was planning our last trip to Disney World.

I’m going to talk about how much fun it was for us and tell you how we did it. If you’re looking for a more thorough planning tool for this event, I highly recommend WDW Prep School. She has all the tools to help you plan your Disney World trip. I use this site every time I start planning my next one.

Costume Ideas

The only way to enter Magic Kingdom or any park dressed up as an adult is through a special event. This is a rule for the parks. If you’re looking at spending your Halloween at one of the biggest Halloween parties ever, where you can ride the rides in costume and get a SHIT TON of free candy, then Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party might be for you.

Aside from the parades and the shows and fireworks, I think the best part of this experience is seeing everyone’s costume. My sister and I went for the classic movie snacks combo but our brother decided to leave his Diet Coke costume at home and raise the bar as TRON.

daniel as tron

He made this costume himself! Using LED lights and a frisbee he also covered in LED lights. Hot gluing them to form a pattern on a black cycling suit, this costume was a hit. So many people asked to take photos with him at the park, something you’re not supposed to do! But. He was really cool. Too cool to ride the rides with us, because of his costume, but my sister and I think he just loved how much people loved his costume. He put in a lot of work so he deserves the credit.

My sister got her costume at Target and I made my popcorn shirt out of paper balls and hot glued them on a plain white shirt. I then painted some butter on the paper balls with yellow paint. I got the skirt online. I may have overdone it with the prop…but you are what you eat! And if you know me, I LOVE popcorn.

The Event

We went to another park before coming back to our hotel to get ready for the big event. Magic Kingdom is open late for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and it was a bus ride away for us.

Once you get there and go through security, you’re given a bag with candy. And then there are candy stations around the park. Some attractions are closed just so you can walk through them and get candy. The whole point is to get a ton of candy. We got so much it fit one side of our suitcase.

The other really fun part about this event is that you get to ride the rides with your costume and the lines are way shorter than they usually are when the park is open in regular hours. My sister and I ruined a perfect souvenir for a first-time visit family. Here we are on Splash Mountain. We could have ridden this ride a third time, not having to leave the boat but my popcorn kernels were starting to get soggy from the splashing of the mountain so we opted-out and met our famous TRON brother outside who was happily taking (illegal) photos with guests. You’re not supposed to take photos, but he was too cool to follow the rules.

Another really cool thing is the parade and the fireworks. The villains of the park put on a show hosted by the Hocus Pocus witches and there are villains that you usually don’t see walking around the park. There are special characters you can meet also. We didn’t do that part but enjoyed walking around and seeing the park full of guests rocking awesome costumes as well as the characters you love, also dressed in Halloween gear.

Overall, this experience was totally worth it. It’s a little pricey, but if you love Halloween this is definitely something you should add to your bucket list. To put things in perspective, I’m sure you’ve paid a ridiculous amount of money for a New Year’s Eve party. This was worth it, way more.

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