Road Trip to Niagara Falls

Road Trip to Niagara Falls

I love traveling but one of the things I love even more is going somewhere with someone I want to get to know. Travel gives us a chance to heal and process but also share our growth with who we are traveling with.

I flew to Rochester to visit a friend and we took a road trip to Canada. As a Texas girl, the idea of driving to another country seems like a full day affair. To my surprise, Canada is only a 2 hour car ride from Rochester. How convenient!

Niagara Falls USA Side

Aside from parking, we spent $0 on the USA side of Niagara Falls. We hiked around the park and took pictures. Admired Mother Nature’s speed and her flow of powerful water. I was extremely impressed with my bladder. We stopped at a bench and at some fruit and chocolate. We didn’t bring the wine or cheese.

We walked all the way to the pedestrian bridge to Canada just so this border baby could snap a photo at a border. The line was too long to cross by foot, and after realizing our car was all the way still on the US side, we decided to walk back and drive through to the border to continue our Niagara Falls experience on the Canadian side. Which, did not disappoint.

Niagara Falls Canadian Side

Niagara falls is a great place for selfies.

Is WAY better than the American side. Sorry, eh. Instantly surrounded by beautiful landscape, you are transported into a different world. The falls on this side of the border are breathtaking and they bring out wider smiles.

There are a few restaurants along the falls and lots of tickets for experiences you can buy. Up a hill there are a ton more restaurants and even a casino if you’re looking to spend a little more time in this area, you can venture away from the falls and do a little shopping and gambling.

We had a three-course dinner at Table House Restaurant overlooking Niagara Falls. Maybe the conversion rate had my brain in a formula state, but ounces are the same both in Canada and in the US. Here is the second-course from dinner while my belly already half full from the appetizer. Canada says: Surprise! 10 ounces means 10 ounces, Monica.

Niagara Falls Attractions

While there are many attractions to check out at the Falls, both on the US side and the Canadian side, we opted in for the boat on the Canadian side and it did not disappoint. There’s a walk that they have where I’m sure it takes you on a beautiful path, but since we did our hike for free on the US side, we opted out of this one. Maybe next time when I’m back I’ll buy in.

The Raptors had just won the NBA Finals and as we passed the American boat in international waters, our boat chanted “Let’s Go Raptors” to the Americans waving on the other side. Needless to say, we were two Americans undercover on the Canadian side when that happened.

If you didn’t read anything…

DO THE BOAT ON THE CANADIAN SIDE. Seriously. Not only do you get a red poncho, but you also get better photos of the falls. Just make sure you have your passport to cross over by car or on foot.

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