Dear Lovely, Stop Absorbing Negative Energy

Dear Lovely,

Stop Absorbing Negative Energy.

Negative energy is all around us. Sometimes it comes into our life as a person. Other times, we are living in a situation where we are just surrounded by it. The only way to not absorb it is to learn how to protect your peace.

Protect your peace.

The secret lies in your inner peace and how you choose to protect it. There will be people who don’t see the world as you do. There will be people who carry a cloud above them and feel like it’s their right to rain on your parade. Don’t let them. Get yourself an umbrella and protect yourself. Stop absorbing it.

If there is someone in your life who knows how to suck your energy, return to your breath. Create an affirmation, a mantra, a prayer―something to remind you that your peace is sacred. A protection spell to remind you of your purpose.

Negative energy as people.

We all have someone in our lives that we see as negative energy. As easy as it is to say get them out of your life, realistically, sometimes that’s not possible. Maybe you actually can’t get rid of this person. They might live with you, a coworker you have to learn to work with, a family member that just won’t quit. Think about how you can remain in control when they come around. If they do attempt to disturb your peace, ask yourself: What can I do at this moment to not absorb their negative energy?

We all have these negative bubbles in our lives. We have to figure out how to not let them absorb us. I don’t want you to drown in their negative energy love. I want you to recognize it and step away from it. The best way to do that is to remind yourself who you are. Who do you want to be? What do you need to do to protect your peace?

Negativity Outside Your Control.

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. Be kind to yourself when you feel like you’re absorbing all the negativity on the outside. It’s good to stay up to date, follow the news, support a cause. It’s also okay to give your mind rest. It’s not giving up or staying silent, it’s called recharging. It’s allowing yourself to rest so that you have more energy. Balanced, positive energy that will keep you going.

However the negative energy appears in your life, you are strong enough to say no. You are brave enough to come back to peace. If you let the negative energy in, that’s okay. Just don’t keep it in for too long. Learn to let it go. Let it out. Balance yourself.

Don’t worry too much about failing. You’re doing the best you can. Now, you’re just more aware. You’re stronger. This negative energy, it can’t touch you. You will not let it break you. You love yourself too much. This time, you won’t let it absorb you.

With love,

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