Dear Lovely, You Deserve This

Dear Lovely, You Deserve This

Let me say that again. You. Deserve. This.

That job? You deserve a seat at the table. That burst of luck? Your happy thoughts are thankful. The victories? Your achievements came from hard work. Both big and small, these victories are yours to celebrate.

You deserve all of it.

Look how far you’ve come.

You’ve worked hard for this. In fact, you’re still working hard. I see you. This hustle you got going, the hard work no one sees, I admire you for it. You’re chasing your dreams. Earning your dollar. Looking for other ways to make even more money. You’re applying yourself, taking time to expand your horizons. You’re learning. No one understands the time you’re putting in or why. Who cares. Keep going.

I know it’s tough. A lot of times, we can’t share the progress we are making. It’s not tangible. It’s not something you can just like on Instagram. Maybe it’s hard to explain. You don’t have to explain yourself. Maybe it’s just an idea right now, you’re still working through it. Lovely, it’s okay. Your success is not determined by a like! While the validation feels nice for a fleeting moment, one heart does not amount to the long nights of hard work you’re owning. I love you for it. Keep going.

Celebrate the small victories.

What have you accomplished today? How about this week? Overwhelmed by that thought? It’s okay. Take a breath. That’s a victory. One step at a time. You might have your eyes on the prize ahead. This prize, is it real? How much pressure did you put on yourself to make it a goal? Can you cut it up into bite-sized pieces? Can we take it one step at a time? Small victories are cool too.

Whatever you’re working towards, you deserve the reward that is coming your way. You deserve the job you’ve put so much time in. Good things will keep coming. Why? Because dammit, you deserve all the good things.

I’m so proud of you. Keep looking for that lovely life worth living.

With love,

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