Self-love is change: 4 Things you can change today to love yourself more.

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Self-love is change

Self-love is all about change. It’s making a change within yourself so that you can help the world around you. Your self-love journey might kick start because of the change going on around you. There might be things you want to heal within you, to become better. All this change, that’s all part of self-love.

Self-love is changing your mind

It’s okay to change your mind. We should always be learning. If you were taught something that has been embedded into your mind for years, part of your self-love journey should be re-learning or re-programming your mind to know better.

This can be anything from how you see yourself or how you react to things. It can also be how you generalize and stereotype a group of people. It is up to us to learn. We have to be the ones who spark change in others, but lovely that can only be accomplished when you take the journey yourself.

Self-love is changing a habit

There might be things you allow yourself to continue. Is it helping or hurting you? I have a bad habit of social media. The love-hate relationship turns really ugly when I let it become a habit to always be on. In order to detach myself I need to change my bad habit. Set boundaries. Completely delete the apps from my phone when I hit a low week. What are some habits you need to change? Self-love is all about asking these questions to find a lovely life worth living.

Self-love is changing your attitude

A lot of times, we (myself included) talk to ourselves horribly. Self-love is about talking to yourself like a friend. It’s totally okay to feel your heal, in fact, we deeply encourage it here. But, we also draw a line (boundaries are a big deal). When it comes to how you talk to yourself, your attitude towards nothing working out, or allowing yourself to sink lower than you are able to get yourself out, that’s when it’s okay to ask for help.

Self-love is about feeling what you need to feel. As humans, we need to feel different ways in order to heal things. What we can’t do, is let that be the tone we set for the rest of the year. Changing your attitude towards an outcome is part of your self-love journey. The best part is, you don’t have to get it right the first time (or the second).

Self-love is changing your approach

If something is not working, change it. I don’t like to say fix it. Fix it implies that your approach is broken. Most of the time when your computer won’t turn on, it isn’t broken. Something isn’t working right. Maybe you need a new chord, maybe you need to update it.

Let’s be real, you should probably check if it’s plugged in. The same goes for you. Do you need a new tool to help you get those batteries going? Do you need to learn a new skill in order to operate better? Are you focused? Check to see if you’re actually plugged in. Ask yourself what’s not working. Find a solution and keep going.


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