Tips on turning your dreams into reality.

Here’s to the fools who dream.

I used to daydream a lot. I used to say, I want to do.

Now I say, I did. Now I say, I am.

The world is full of dreamers.

There is nothing wrong with dreamers. I am a dreamer. But I recently upgraded myself. I am now a doer. That kinda sounds like a deer when I spell it out like that. Now I have that Sound of Music song stuck in my head. Dang it.

What I mean is, I do the things I dream about. I create the opportunities that aren’t available to me and I check things off the list instead of just making a list.

If any of this is already starting to overwhelm you, let me break it down.

dreaming and doing.

It’s great to dream. It gives us an opportunity to escape the reality that we are currently living in. But what if I told you there was a way to live the dreams you dream? That instead of just living them, you could make them a reality?

Where do I sign up, right? Well, here’s the thing, it’s easy to sign up for that life, it’s easy to dream about it. It’s easy to say you want something.

The hard part is doing it. The hard part is holding yourself accountable to getting where you see yourself in your dreams. The hard part is realizing that the dream you want is going to take some work to get there.


Pick your favorite daydream. Maybe it’s you singing in front of a crowd, maybe it’s you being your own boss. Now, take a step back and find the verb in that dream. What is it that you want to put into action? What is it that you want to do?

Sometimes we spend a lot of time looking at the big picture when all we really need to do is just start doing the thing we want to do. Taking baby steps will get you to where you are going. Whether that is buying the plane ticket, recording yourself singing, starting to save money each month for your future business. These might seem like small steps, but in the end they’re gonna get you to where you want to be.

There may be dreams we cannot control.

This doesn’t mean we can’t be proactive about them. It just means that we can put them aside for a bit and focus on the things that have momentum. For me, finding a life partner is something I want in my lovely life. Although that is a dream of mine, it’s not my only dream. And it shouldn’t be your only dream either.

We cannot control when meeting the right person will happen, but we can talk to people, get to know them, get out more, and be aware of ourselves. We can focus on loving ourselves and discovering the standards we want to hold ourselves accountable to. We can find the life we want and love it so much so that when that person comes along, they can be a part of it, not all of it.

When we have a positive mind set and work hard to get what we want, the end result is worth it. Otherwise, you’re just unsatisfied and want more of whatever you think you’re searching for in others.

Create while you wait.

If what you want seems out of reach, you need to create the opportunity for yourself. We live in a day and age where anything is possible. The tools we’ve created for ourselves are endless. Want to write a book? Do it. Want to travel the world? Go for it. Want to be in a movie? Write, direct and star in one you make yourself.

I think a lot of time we measure success based on the only measurement we see on the screen, in the bank, and on social media. Sure, money is great. Fame, I doubt it. If you start measuring success with what makes you happy instead of how success has been defined by society, we would all live way better lives.

If money and fame are the only motivators for making your dreams a reality, you need to rethink your priorities when it comes to living the life you want. Money and fame are superficial. These things come as additional bonuses in the life you want, these shouldn’t be THE life you want.

Yes, money pays the bills. You’re smart enough to know that a balanced life where you can take care of yourself and do the things you want, even if it’s just on the side, will make for a better life worth living. You might just have to work a little bit harder to have both. I know I am, so you can too.

In order to love the life you live, you have to create it.

There was a time when I would say,

One day I’ll write a book and give an elephant a bath.”

That was my tagline on my Instagram. That is how I used to live my life. The idea that one day, I would do those things. That in the mean time I should just sit here and wait for it to happen to me? No. Now, I haven’t given and elephant a bath, YET. But, I am currently writing a book. Things can still live on your dream list, that’s never going to go away. As long as you take one thing off the list and start doing it, instead of waiting for it to just magically happen, then you’re doing just fine.

The wait.

I think people misunderstand what waiting means. I know I did when I was younger. Waiting doesn’t mean sit around and wait for something to happen to you. Take Princess Tiana for example, that girl didn’t just wish on a star, that girl worked her ass off to get to where she wanted. Wishing is good. It helps drive the want. But that want isn’t gonna go anywhere unless you do it.

I’ve had a lot of conversations with God where I’m all like:

Please God, I really want this.

And God’s all like: I know you do, but you have to do the work. Do the work, then I can help you! 

Sometimes The Universe won’t make a move until you do.

There have been a lot of things I have wanted, and not until these past couple of years I feel like I have unlocked a secret that I want to share with you…

The secret to living the life you want? Visualize and work for it.

Wish upon a star/pray/meditate, then do what you know you have to do to get yourself there. But you have to actually do it.

Are dreamers fools then?

Yes and no. Dreamers make possibilities a reality, but only the dreamers who DO.

i know you want the green light.

The only person holding you back from having the life you want is you. If your friends aren’t being supportive about the big ideas you’re ready to put to action, find new friends. Sometimes we outgrow people when we choose to grow. As much as it hurts to leave them behind, you have to grow for you. Maybe one day they’ll meet you on top of that mountain you’re climbing, but until then, leave them with the tools they need to make the climb themselves.

So let me give you your green light…

Just do it.

But also be reasonable. You’re smart. This isn’t some sort of #YOLO message. Yes you have one life to live, but how you live it should be in a way to inspire others to do the same. This is more of a—I know you know what you want out of life, and if you don’t I know you’re dying to figure it out.

My Nike tagline for you is to give yourself a chance to go find it, go grab it. Break the chains of fear and doubt and go find your lovely life. (#plug, but for real, that’s what this place is for.) 

lovely life lesson:

Be a dreamer that does something about their dreams. Go out there and get the life you want, but understand that it’s going to take some work. It’s going to take some time. You might have to say no to a few parties or work lunches. You might have to wake up an hour earlier, you might have to stay at work a bit later.

This is what dreamers who are doing, do. If you’re not ready for that kind of commitment, then keep dreaming. Go on and stay in your mind, instead of making those dreams a reality. In the meantime, the dreamers that do will be out there finding the life they know is out there for them. They’ll be the ones who make their own dreams come true.


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