Self-Love is Action

Self-Love is Action

Okay. I’m gonna give you some tough love and you may not be ready to hear it. So, here goes nothing–self-love is action. It’s more than a face mask and a bubble bath. Enough with the bubble baths. It’s time to level up.

It’s time to make time. It’s time to pull out the bucket list and cross something off. It’s time to roll out the mat and do yoga once a week or sign up for that class you’ve been thinking about. It’s time to go out and get the life you want.

Make a list for self-love.

One of the biggest parts of your self-love journey will be to allow yourself to live the life you want to live. Don’t know what that is yet? Make a list of the things you’ve always wanted to do. No judgment. It could be anything from sky-diving, traveling, trying a red lip, cutting or coloring your hair, signing up for an improv class. Anything. Make the list.

If you start to giggle or smile as you’re writing, keep going. Star the ones that spark the most joy and start there. A lot of times we know what we want to do or the kind of life we want to live, we are just afraid to go out and find it.

Maybe you’ve forgotten the things you loved most. Maybe you don’t even know where to start. Think back to when you were a kid or in high school. What did you like to do? What were your interests? Do you remember a time where you potted a plant or lip sang in the car to one of your favorite songs? What were the simple things that brought you joy? Make that list instead and start doing more of those things.

Do things for self-love.

When you want to do yoga, the first thing you do is get out your mat. You roll it out, either in the comfort of your home or at a class, and you get on the mat to get started. Visualize the mat as your first step to commitment. The action that comes from making that list. Maybe your mat comes with a cute dog as mine does. So make your list, get that mat out. and actually, commit.

Making the lists is only the first step. I’m sorry to tell you that won’t be enough. It’s a start, but it’s not the life I want you to live. I want you to make the list but then cross something off the list. It can be the easiest thing, just to say that you did it. It can be the thing that scares you the most, now that’s a level up. You get to decide.

And when you’re ready for the next thing, keep going love. You’re on to something great. Start finding that life you’ve been searching for and know that your self-love and acceptance will start to bloom because you put in the time and gave a chance to the action. You got this. Go do it.

self love is action

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