Solo in San Francisco

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Solo in San Francisco

When work hands you a work trip, you make it a solo trip. Working in the travel industry to pay the bills has its perks. From time to time I get to travel outside the state for a conference and I make the most of it. This specific conference encouraged us to get out and see the city. That being said, when I wasn’t learning, I was surely exploring. Here’s how I spent my time solo in San Francisco.

Eating in San Francisco

One of my favorite things to do is eat. When I’m in a new city, I make sure to do some research on a few places beforehand and have a list handy. When I get there I walk around and reevaluate. I take friend recommendations into account and even meet up some friends and take up their offers.

Food in San Francisco is far and wide. There are also a lot of vegan-friendly options. I am currently trying out a pescetarian diet, so this was super helpful. While I tried to eat locally, I had to take up a few touristy spots along the way. Do you really travel somewhere if you don’t hit up at least one touristy spot? For me, that was Pier 39. This is where you can see the sea lions and walk around and run into a lot of navy soldiers. Granted, I think I was there during Fleet Week, so it looked like I was on the set of a WWII movie.

I had a San Francisco signature dish on the pier—clam chowder. This one was from the famous Boudin Bakery. It was pretty filling. I did not finish my bread bowl.

A couple of other places I went to and recommend…I had breakfast a few blocks from my hotel at Blue Bottle Coffee and stopped by this beautiful tea house next to the SFMOMA called Samova in Yerba Buena Gardens. I realized I had a lot of soups. Not complaining. It was kind of chilly and I was in the mood.

Exploring San Francisco

I had to go see the Painted Ladies. Being a fan of Full House, this was a must-see. I think overall the rose-colored lens I got from that show growing up gave me a bit of a shock in the actual city, but that’s fictional TV for you right? Another place I checked out was the Walt Disney Museum in the Presidio area. Which led me to a free shuttle that took me to a lookout point for the Golden Gate Bridge for a selfie.

I think my favorite stop was the Palace of Fine Arts. It’s free to walk around. There wasn’t a performance going on but it’s a great place to take group pictures, go for a walk, or even a date! I don’t know what drew me to this, but I saw a photo of it once and it was always something I wanted to see in person. It did not disappoint.

After walking around the Palace of Fine Arts, I wandered onto a beach area and got my first look at the bridge. I wouldn’t say that San Francisco is walkable. There were a lot of areas I thought looked a little sketchy for my liking, so I ordered a rideshare to get me most places. Always trust your gut and be safe. Don’t risk it, especially if you’re traveling alone.

Another favorite place was the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I always like to visit at least one museum when I’m in a new city, I think it gives you a sense of what the city looks like through the lens of the art they choose to display. There was a drawing class there when I visited during one of my lunch breaks. It was fun to watch them choose a piece and try and recreate it. There was a lot of abstract art here too. Definitely worth the visit.

Next time life hands you an opportunity to visit somewhere you’ve never been before, whether you’re visiting family or on a work trip, make sure you make time to explore.

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