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first time abroad.

My mom and I went to Spain this summer. It was her first time overseas. As a nervous traveler, she came out a pro in the end. She conquered fears and tried new things. We laughed, we cried, we grew. This was the first time we had traveled together as adults alone without my dad or another sibling. The last time we traveled together was with my high school orchestra trip to New York City.

Things change.

So much had happened since then. My mother had another child, I went off to college and became a grown ass woman. I think the biggest thing we learned from each other was that we were both strong and had lived a lot of life between that time. For me I realized my mom was more than my mom, she was a person. I know that sounds weird, calling your mom anything other than your mom, but our parents are people too. They have likes and dislikes, they lived entire lives before we showed up. Think about that for a second.

And sometimes, they’re trying to figure out how to start living their lives again. And when that happens, when they reach out to you and tell you they’re trying to live their life, take them somewhere. Show them the world. Learn to be patient and listen to them when they’re tired. Odds are you’re probably tired too. Traveling together won’t always be easy. You’ll get frustrated, hangry, tired.

In this video, you’ll see the highlights. It looks like I’m saying “Mom it’s a video” time and time again, which I am. But the important thing is that you tried to give them a part of your life. A memory they will cherish forever. A time that will allow you to see them in a different way.

The trip will mean different things.

You won’t ever have the same experience as the person you’re traveling with. We are all going through something and travel unveils what it wants to unveil to each and every one of us. The important thing is to understand this. Not to expect things from them. In fact, don’t expect anything at all. Let The Universe drive and just enjoy yourself.

Call your mom, book a trip.

So call your mom or dad or whoever you feel raised you. Family isn’t always blood. Who do you miss? Tell them you love them and it’s time to take a trip together.

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