Success is balance.

Success means happiness.

A few months ago I took a look at how I defined success. I came to find that for the longest time, I let people define that for me. After chasing that definition I didn’t even call my own, I woke up one day and realized I was chasing something I didn’t even want. So I redefined what success meant. I made an effort to define it for myself. Right now, success is balance. At one point success meant peace, and a couple of days ago it meant happiness. The definition of success for myself is constantly changing and honestly, I’m okay with that.

We don’t always need the same thing. We are always growing and changing, adapting to the plot twists life likes to give us, so why should the definition of success remain the same? There are seasons in your life where success will mean landing that job, running that mile, cooking…period. If we define success as a single goal, what happens when we finally get there? You got a whole lot of…well shit, now what? 

So to avoid that moment, I say you ask yourself every day–what does success look like to me right now?

success means balance.

I find myself putting a lot of my energy into one thing. Sometimes that’s necessary, but often times that’s dangerous. If you put all your eggs in one basket…you’re going to have a lot of eggs. And that basket is going to be heavy. And you probably live on the third floor and do one trip grocery hauls so that your arms fall off, so let me save you some pain and basket marks cutting off your circulation…you don’t need all the eggs. Let someone else carry some. Get yourself different baskets so that one day you carry one with two eggs and maybe another day you carry one with three.

I know that there will be days where you have to carry the full basket. That’s okay. Just make yourself aware and carry less tomorrow. We often put wayyy too much pressure on ourselves and forget that the trick to living a happy life is balance. I have to admit that at this moment, I’m not doing so well at the whole balance thing. I’m carrying a lot of eggs in one basket. I found myself complaining, prone to attaching myself to negativity and accepting that as a way of life. I made myself aware of this. I chose to make a change. I’m ready to juggle. Just kidding. 

I’m ready to lay out all my eggs in my baskets and consciously choose how much weight I want to carry.

And that’s the definition that will work for me today.

How are you defining success right now?


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