5 Encouraging Things To Do For Yourself

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5 Encouraging Things To Do For Yourself

Are you being too hard on yourself? Maybe you’re in need of a little confidence boost. Sometimes the little things can change our direction significantly. Here are 5 encouraging things you can do for yourself that will help you feel better, brighter, and a little more you.

Write Yourself a Letter

Maybe the whole talking to yourself in a mirror sounds a little weird. Grab a pen and a blank piece of paper. Write yourself a letter. Dump your thoughts, ask yourself questions, give yourself some solid advice. Don’t know where to start? Read some of these for inspiration. When you’re done writing your letter, you can keep it in a book to find later or even mail it to yourself. Odds are you’re gonna need the pick me up later.

Pay It Forward

Doing something for others can give you the mood boost you need. You don’t even have to know the person. Random acts of kindness are great fuel for your own self-love journey. Whether that’s paying for someone’s coffee, donating to a good cause, or even writing a letter to a friend (after you write one to yourself of course), the ways we reach out are endless. Start the trend of kindness and you’ll be encouraging others too.

Take A Dance Class, Let Your Sexy Out

You don’t have to do this in public if you’re not ready. There are tons of dance classes online that you can sign up for right at home. I use DivaDance to spice things up and get a confidence boost hit when I need it. Try a heels class or a contemporary dance routine. One of the ways we get our confidence back is by getting out of our comfort zone and realizing we are sexy and creative human beings. If those words make you giggle, sign up for a class and keep giggling when you drop it low.

Read A Self-Help Book or Memoir

When I’m in a rut, I turn to non-fiction. Specifically, self-help or memoirs. It really helps me see how much time we have to grow when I hear someone else’s story on their own success. Most of the time I feel inspired, a lot of the time I feel less alone. As someone who is constantly evolving and extremely self-aware self-help books, well help. If you’re looking for a guide and are feeling a bit lost, I’d recommend listening to one. It’s like a personal life coach and a new book to add to your list! Click here for some recommendations.

Call A Supportive Friend

Loving yourself isn’t a journey that needs to be done alone. Encouraging things can be people. Finding that lovely life requires guides. You have a few of those. If you haven’t reached out to one in a while, it’s okay to do so now. Even if it’s been a while, the people in your circle that have supported you then will support you now. Rip the bandaid and reach out to someone this week who you know will be on your team and encourage you to find that lovely life worth living.

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