Dear Lovely, It’s Always Your Turn

it's always your turn

Dear Lovely, It’s always your turn.

I feel like we grow up learning that waiting means you don’t deserve something right now. It frames this mentality that in order to deserve or desire something, you have to wait your turn.

I’ve had friends, shit…even family members tell me to wait my turn. For love. For pie. For anything where the idea that someone gets to go first and you just have to wait your turn because in a way they are more deserving or worthy of it now. Some of you have been waiting for something for a long time. Maybe you’re starting to doubt. Lose hope. Or, if you’re like me—asking what else can you possibly do to make it happen. To deserve this.

When is it going to be my turn?

Let me guess…you’re manifesting, praying, waiting. Asking your cards. Scrolling your #fyp for answers. A sign. Confirmation that you’re on the right path? My love, you are. The truth is you already deserve what your heart desires because you are worthy of it. You are worthy in your most imperfect form. You are worthy in transition. You are worthy when you’re healed.

I talk a lot about the struggles of letting go, trusting The Universe, the right place at the right time—all those things can still be true, but I want you to practice letting go of the outcome. Let go of the belief that you’re not doing enough. Let go of the limiting belief that you have to wait your turn. That it can’t happen to you. My love, this is part of it. Sometimes we struggle the most when things are working in our favor, behind the scenes.

We can all win.

The secret is, we can all win. At the same time. There is enough abundance in The Universe for everyone to experience what they want. Someone’s insecurities can come from the limiting belief that there is lack of abundance in The Universe when the truth is we can all have what we desire. Don’t let their insecurities dim your beautiful light.

If you’re waiting for your turn, skip the line honey. Your time is now. You are enough. You always will be. You are worthy as you are, no matter what phase or healing part of your journey you’re currently on. I for one, can’t wait to see you win. I’ll be cheering for you. I’ll be next to you, celebrating our victories and abundant blessings. Together.

With love,

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