6 Ideas For Your Quarantine Birthday Alone

How to celebrate your birthday in quarantine

I just did it. Never in a million years did I think I would be at home saving lives on my birthday but this year, in the time of COVID-19, I made the best of a birthday celebration. Here’s what I did to celebrate my birthday in quarantine. If you find yourself celebrating something at this time, I hope this helps inspire you and remind you that you are not alone!

Wake up with gratitude

Get out a piece of paper or your journal and write down what you’re grateful for. This is super important. You have to do this first. I find that if you avoid it, the anxiety and loneliness creeps in faster. Take some time to thank God for everything The Universe has brought you this year. All the growth and all the lessons. Look back on your Instagram feed from last birth year to this birth year. Take a look at your own timeline for once and see how much you’ve done. A birthday in quarantine can help remind you how far you’ve come.

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Try a yoga practice or exercise

After you’ve settled into your day, answered some calls from loved ones, and checked your Facebook feed, put your phone away and get active. I did a yoga practice and ended with a meditation. You can do a ZUMBA class or learn a dance routine. If it’s a beautiful day, go for a socially distanced run. The point is to get in sync with your body to feel good about the day. It’s your birthday. You deserve to feel good about yourself. Especially if you’re in quarantine on your birthday.

Video chat a friend or family member

While you might be alone in your apartment, you are certainly never alone. It’s important to see people virtually during this time. Call your mom, brother, sister, aunt, friend, coworker, anyone. Odds are they are already planning to call you. Maybe even schedule a happy hour and tell everyone to dress up (classy or costume) it’s your birthday. Have fun with it!

Bake yourself a birthday cake

It doesn’t have to be fancy. Don’t worry if it comes from a box. Mine did. The act of making yourself a cake reminds you that today is your day and you are giving yourself the love you deserve. It just so happens to come in the form of cake. If you don’t like cake make or order your favorite dessert. The point is to treat yourself. This can even mean simply eating your favorite meal.

Take a birthday bath

In the middle of the day, take a bubble bath and put on a face mask. Why not? Time is a social construct and today you make the rules. (The rule Can even be no rules. Go crazy girl! You don’t even have to do the dishes today if you don’t want to.) If a bath is not your thing, do something to relax. Maybe read a book, listen to music. Whatever helps your mind not scatter. We want a healthy mindful day today. You deserve it.

Have a quarantine dance party

I made a playlist, put on something sexy and had a dance party all on my own. It was amazing. I felt great! I had so much fun I had to shower. Put your favorite songs on a playlist, grab some headphones and dance. You can even dance in your underwear. It’s your party. Go crazy. I chose to do this alone, you don’t have to. FaceTime different friends and make them dance one song with you. There’s no such thing as shame or judgement today. It’s your freaking birthday!

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