A Day in Tlaquepaque

Spend A Day in Tlaquepaque

Spend A Day in Tlaquepaque

After celebrating my cousin’s wedding in Guadalajara, my family and I paired up with one of my aunts and my cousins to go spend a day in Tlaquepaque. Ya girl was TIRED. We partied until 3 in the morning and my family and I left that party early. With a free day in our itinerary, we chose to explore the colorful neighborhood of Tlaquepaque.

Here’s what we ate and what I recommend you do. I would plan for at least one meal and maybe an afternoon in this area, so either eat lunch and explore or explore and end the day with dinner.

Where to Eat in Tlaquepaque

There are so many places to eat and street food around every corner. While my cousins tried some amazing elote, I waited to stuff my face for lunch. Most of the restaurants in the area are open for lunch but all of them usually only take reservations. Don’t let that turn you away. I didn’t plan a reservation ahead of time and walked to a few places, looked at their menu, and put our name on the list. We didn’t wait too long.

I ended up putting my name down in two places and we ended up eating at Real San Pedro and I highly recommend it. There was live music and a patio open area in the middle, plants everywhere. We tried some grillos (fried crickets) as a table appetizer. They were seasoned well and crunchy. I felt like Simba and said Hakuna Matata! For my main course, I tried the seafood pasta and it was amazing. We all shared dessert but I didn’t get a picture of it because it was all gone by the time I remembered.

Shop around.

My favorite part of exploring Tlaquepaque was walking around all the shops. There are vendors selling their original work, resellers, books, candy even! Check out some of the displays below. Most of this area is shopping and eating but it’s a great place to take in the vibe of the city.

Everyone bought a little something. I brought back a beautiful handmade coffee mug set to my pet sitter and my sister obviously bought a ton of candy. Make sure you take some Pesos out before heading here, there are ATMs around but if you’re thinking of shopping, I always make sure to take money out before I arrive. Most of the vendors only take cash (Pesos).

Take pictures!

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to take photos, these are my souvenirs. My sister and I explored an awesome gallery with this funky mosaic couch. We also found one of the kioskos that supposedly inspired the movie Coco! There were tons of families taking pictures and the area was buzzing. I felt safe the entire time.

While I’m not traveling right now due to COVID, I hope this trip gives you some inspiration and helps you remember how fun traveling can be. Plan now, travel later.

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