Dear Lovely, Stay Single

dear lovely, stay single

Dear Lovely, Stay Single.

Learn to love others when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely. Not when you’re longing. Let the love you seek find you—within you, around you.

You deserve love.

Don’t let this make you think you don’t deserve love. You do. The greatest love there ever was. Always. I’m just tired of you choosing the wrong people. The people that don’t love you the way you deserve to be loved.

You deserve to see the love around you. Next time you see a couple, admire them. Don’t curse them or make a sour face. Attract the love The Universe places in front of you by being grateful for the reminder that it exists. This season of singleness won’t last forever. Your time will come.

Love yourself for a season.

While partners teach us and help us grow, the best way to know how to recognize the love you seek is to seek it within you. Take some time to realize your worth. Not forever. Just for a season. Your worth is so much greater than you think it is. It’s so much greater than the person who hurt you.

Learn to love yourself as much as you love others. Be kind to yourself. Be patient. Create the life you love and love will appear within you. You will start to attract the love you feel for you. You are worthy of it. You are made from it. It is available to you.

stay single lovely letter

Remember that you are love and no one can take that away from you.

With love,

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