Two Days in Toronto

Walking in Toronto

Two days in Toronto

Getting there + breakfast

We drove from Rochester to Niagara Falls to Toronto. It was a total of 3 hours but it didn’t feel that way. We drove through the Niagara Falls border over to Canada. If you want to know what we did in Niagara Falls, read about that portion of the trip here.

We stayed in an Airbnb that was about a 20-minute walk from the CN Tower. It was so cool. A lot of the real estate in Toronto are condos. We felt super local.

For breakfast, we walked around and explored by foot to a delicious little Italian place called Bar Buca. My friend said it was the best meal she ever had. I’m drooling just looking at this photo. I felt so bougie after, I was burping truffles. Yeah, my eggs had truffles. Muy fancy.

Exploring the sights

We were only in Toronto for a full day so we decided to get a CityPass to save time and money exploring the sites. We did walk a lot and covered some recommended neighborhoods. There were a lot of cute little thrift shops. I bought a very trendy travel pant.

Our first big stop was Castle Loma. This was the first time my friend had ever been inside a castle, so I had to make it worth wild. We took some great photos around the grounds. There was even a wedding going on in the conservatory! I was feeling the Clue vibes without the murder and lurking while the wedding party took photos. It made the castle magical.

We walked over to eat some dumplings for lunch and then explored the Royal Ontario Museum followed by Ripley’s Aquarium of  Canada. I felt peaceful among the jellyfish and the rest of the creatures of the sea. I usually do not like aquariums.

I’m more of a Finding Dory rescue/rehabilitate/release kinda gal, but I did come to terms with the different fish I was able to see first hand and the soothing water surrounding me.

enjoying the Views

Before we left the next day, we headed to the CN Tower for some Views…without Drake. Unfortunately. I really loved this city. We happened to be there when the Raptors won the NBA Finals so the city seemed even more alive than what everyone already told me it would be. I’ll definitely be coming back and exploring some more. I felt safe and welcomed. I would recommend this city for solo travel.

I think the diversity of people and food surprised me most about Toronto. It’s fairly walkable as well. There’s a major university in the city, the University of Toronto, making the overall vibe of the city extremely youthful. We went in June when the weather was cool enough for a denim jacket or a cover-up but you could definitely wear shorts.

Finding cities like these makes traveling super easy. If you’re looking for a new major city to cross off your list, make it two days in Toronto.

2 days in toronto

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