5 Reasons Why We Need Creativity

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Why We Need Creativity

One of my favorite books is The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. She talks about how because we come from a Creator, we are born to create. Whether that’s in the form of painting, writing, acting, singing, it can also be in the form of cooking, gardening, decorating, or even carpentry. You see, we need creativity because we were created. Creativity can be therapeutic, a form of self-love, and identity. It’s there for us to explore and express. We need creativity in our lives. We were born to create.

Let it be therapeutic

When I’m sad or angry, I turn to creativity. When I need to work something out, I go to the empty page. Sometimes I bring paint. Other times, a pen. Creativity is therapeutic. It is a practice that is there for you to help heal yourself. Expression can come later. There’s a kind of creativity that is private. Personal. You are the only one that will ever see it. It is yours. Create something to help you heal. You don’t have to share it with anyone.

Let it relax you

If there are too many thoughts in my head, I turn to creativity. There’s something about allowing myself to create freely that helps me relax. For this I primarily turn to painting. It’s the most freeing form of creativity for me. It allows me to take my mind off things while subconsciously working through them on the page. Afterwards, I take a step back and I hear my breath a little easier. Some days I reach for darker colors. Others, I only want yellow. Creativity helps you relax while expressing your feelings. You don’t even have to think about it.

Get to know yourself

Finding the creative outlet that brings you the most joy is a way to get to know yourself. There are so many creative outlets out there. Which one do you want to try? What are you good at? Which one makes you frustrated? What do you miss? Ask yourself these questions and start creating. Experimenting with your creativity will unlock doors within you. Allow yourself to create what you want and to try things you’ve always wanted to.

Think of self-love

When we create, we love ourselves. How? By allowing ourselves to be expressive. Creativity is a practice that involves giving yourself permission to open up to all possibilities. Sure, you’ll get frustrated at times when the project you’re working on isn’t going your way, but you’re working on it. That’s the beauty of self-love.

Connect to a higher power

Whatever you believe, whether you call it Divine, The Universe, Allah, Love or God, that higher power created you. By indulging in creativity, you are connecting to your creator. We are all creations. The more we create, the more we add to the world. The world needs your creativity. It needs your writing, your art, your furniture, your food, your love. Keep creating. Keep finding a lovely life worth living.


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